Most boat owners know the problems at launching time associated with turning their boats around to get onboard, especially when other boats are waiting or the ramp is crowded; problems such as bumping other boats, damage to outboards skeg on ramp concrete, danger of spinning propeller to name a few.


With Jacob’s Ladder and its ‘bow access’ you will not need to turn your boat around to get onboard! From the moment it leaves your trailer, the front of your boat stays facing the ramp allowing you to board from the front point of your boat.

keeping the crew & equipment dry

Operating in waters that your customer’s don’t want to enter? Jacob’s Ladder makes it easy!!

ease of access

Allowing your customers to land their boats on beaches or river banks, with a quick and safe way to board and disembark the vessel.

eliminating risk of damage

With no need to turn their boat around at boat ramps, beaches or river banks, Jacob’s Ladder will reduce the risk of damage to propellers and outboard skegs. on concrete ramps. 

Make your boating experience easier