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Most boat owners know the problems at launching time associated with turning their boats around to get onboard, especially when other boats are waiting or the ramp is crowded; problems such as bumping other boats, damage to outboards skeg on ramp concrete, danger of spinning propeller to name a few.


With Jacob’s Ladder and its ‘bow access’ you will not need to turn your boat around to get onboard! From the moment it leaves your trailer, the front of your boat stays facing the ramp allowing you to board from the front point of your boat.

Most of us boat owners love our families and friends to enjoy our boating with us. Making the experience as enjoyable, dignified and safe as possible makes all the difference when it comes to them wanting to come out on the water with us. Your Jacob’s Ladder will get them on board quickly, safely and in the most dignified manner possible, with the least possible fuss. No more scrambling over the transom with fuel lines and steering cables, and no more wading out into the water.  With your Jacob’s Ladder, it’s straight off the boat ramp and through the front into the boat!

Jacob’s Ladder is made from only the highest 316L marine grade stainless steel with material thicknesses aligned with those of ‘commercial’ quality marine products, which is why government agencies such as those in the Australian Northern Territory involved with crocodile management have field staff who are now using Jacob’s Ladders.

100% Made in and supplied from Australia.

Instead of needing to wade out into the water at the boat ramp or beach to get aboard your boat from the rear and in the process getting your clothes wet, with Jacob’s Ladder you board your boat from the very front and most often you will stay completely “dry”!

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