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John Carnaris
Founder & Director

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John Canaris has had extensive involvement with and exposure to the marine industry and boating in general, both domestically in Australia and also internationally through export and involvement at marine expos in Europe and USA. 


John’s background includes such roles as owner of a specialist marine welding and engineering business; regional welding and laser process specialist for a global gases and welding supplier; and technical educator within a tertiary environment. 


As inventor of the national award-winning range of bow-access ladders, trademarked Jacob’s Ladder®. John has seen this uniquely innovative marine product evolve into a creative variety of alternative bow-access ladder versions designed to accommodate the diverse range of boat sizes, boat designs and applications, including the globally unique ‘Swivel’ ladder for deployment through narrow bow-rail gaps; ‘Extendable’ bow-access ladder versions for larger boats and boats with higher bows; and even a ‘Side Rotating’ ladder assembly for use on larger vessels where ladder installation on the bow-sprit is not possible. 


John’s vision is for the Jacob’s Ladder® to become standard equipment on the majority of trailerable boats, globally, both for their unmistakeable safety benefits and more generally for the increased boating enjoyment which a Jacob’s Ladders provides.


Darren Foster
Director of Operations 

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Darren has worked in the marine industry for over 30 years with titles such as:

  • Skipper, 

  • Dive Instructor, 

  • Commercial Diver, 

  • Dive Supervisor Managing Director and CEO


With these roles, Darren has been able to grow his networks globally within the marine industry. 


Founding his first marine company in 1996, Darren worked through all facets of the marine industry from recreational to international shipping. Darren has also served on the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Local Marine Advisory Committee for 12 years. 


With an expansive background as a company executive, Darren’s skillsets range in (but not limited to):

 -  marketing, 

  • contract negotiation, 

  • OEM manufacturing 

  • high risk project management


Darren has the ability to help teams think outside of the box and solve both complex and dangerous problems. His leadership skills are highly valued in the marine industry and the Jacob’s Ladder team.  


Jeremy Foster
Director of Marketing

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Jeremy has over 25 years of corporate experience within a broad range of industries, including but not limited to:

  • finance,

  • real estate,

  • legal and;

  • retail sectors.

Jeremy’s knowledge of market research, advertising, sales & marketing, enables him to take a holistic approach in assisting clients with both their financial & commercial decisions.

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