Our Story

Jacob's Ladder Boating designs and manufactures a globally innovative and exclusive range of high quality stainless steel ‘bow access’ boating ladders, trademarked ‘Jacob’s Ladder’, which are ideally suited for installation on trailerable marine craft ranging from small tinnies and inflatable's right up to larger vessels, typically to around 8m.


The uniquely innovative functionality of our Jacob’s Ladders is reflected in the issuance in 2017, unopposed, of patents in both Australia and USA.


The ‘bow access’ Jacob's Ladder originated out of a very real need > to provide easy, safe and dignified boarding and disembarking to/from our own 6 metre (19’ 8”) plate aluminium boat.

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Before concluding I would like to highlight 2 specific events since Jacob’s Ladder Boating was first established in relation to which I wish to express my sincere “thanks”.  The first event, and of great significance to me personally and to the ongoing growth and success of my Jacob’s Ladder Boating business was the granting to Jacob’s Ladder Boating in 2017 of a $100,000 grant by our Queensland State Government.  This ‘Ignite Ideas’ government grant not only was experienced by the business as an high-level affirmation of the innovation and potential of our Jacob’s Ladder products, but was a great practical support and a significant ‘boost’ to our initiatives to grow and succeed!


The second event of great significance to Jacob’s Ladder Boating to-date was our success in receiving the ‘Highly Commended – 2018 Most Innovative Marine Industry Product or Service Award' at the May 2018 Australian Marine Industry Awards held at Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast.  This coveted award represented yet another significant affirmation of the genuine innovation of our ‘bow access’ Jacob’s Ladders for the marine industry both nationally and internationally.

Prior to creating and installing our first ‘bow access’ ladder and in order for our family to board and disembark our boat, most often … due to there being no available access onto our boat from the front/bow … I would need to manoeuvre our boat around so that the stern of the boat faced more towards the boat ramp or beach.  Typically the crew would then need to wade into the water (often cold winter water!) so as to access the boat's rear step and from there they would step over the boat's transom and finally into the boat!  Not only was this boarding approach ‘undignified’ for the more elderly and female family members, it also presented personnel safety and boat maintenance issues.  There was always the real possibility of contact of the outboards propeller or outboards skeg with concrete boat ramp with consequent damage.


Having the advantage of my own marine welding business I decided there must be a much better, more dignified and altogether safer way of getting my crew on-board.  As the saying goes .. “necessity is the mother of invention” … and what I created initially was a primitive but effective ladder assembly which integrated the bow sprit roller frame with a tubular ladder.  What has since evolved out of that original ladder prototype are 5 fully-developed and fully-functional ‘bow access’ Jacob's Ladder models which are now being presented both to the domestic-Australian and international marine markets.


After much research and development, the Jacob’s Ladders we sell today are the end result of our commitment to providing the finest quality product. We are very proud to say that Jacob’s Ladder Enterprises Pty Ltd trading as ‘Jacob’s Ladder Boating’ is a wholly Australian owned business, and the Jacob's Ladder product is 100% Australian designed and made from locally fabricated and supplied materials.

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