The ladder is 470mm (18.5”) wide and extends from its retracted (stored) length of 550mm (21.7”) to a drop-down length of 1 meter (39.4”), ideal for:

  • Boat Length: 6 meters+ (20 to 26 feet+)
  • Bow Height: 800mm+ (32 inches+)
  • Foredeck Space: 550mm+ (21 inches)

Ascend | XL 3 Step Telescopic

  • The Ascend XL 3 Step Telescopic bow access ladder has been designed to accommodate those vessels which have a large anchor fixed-in-place at the bowsprit. This ladder is typically suitable for boats upwards of 6 meters (19.7’) in length with above-average bow heights. It may suit boat lengths well beyond 6 meters (19.7’) depending on bow configuration and bow height.

    Available with:

    • Tournament 1 Roller Frame
    • Tournament 2 Roller Frame
    • Grab Handle option
    • Anchor not included**