Essential installation dimensions

Roller Frame length: 440mm (17.3”)

Roller Frame height: 150mm (5.9”)

Baseplate width: 85mm (3.35”)

Baseplate length: 300mm (11.8”)

Tournament 1 Roller Frame

  • The Tournament 1 is a commercial quality bowsprit roller frame typically suitable for installation on boats up to and potentially beyond 6m (19.7’) in length. Designed for use with large anchors and electrically operated anchor winches, the Tournament 1 can be fitted to the non-extendable 2 Step Classic ladder, the 3 Step Folding ladder, or the 3 Step Telescopic ladder (including the XL).


    Fabricated from high-polished 4mm stainless steel plate and comes complete with:

    • single 75mm highest quality polyethylene roller with stainless axle bolt and Nyloc
    • 2×2.5mm friction-reducing nylon washers
    • machined/spring-loaded anchor holding pin
    • bottom TIG-welded ladder holding pins
    • 4x M10 fully threaded stainless bolts and Nylocs
    • 4x large stainless spreader washers for use with installation bolts below deck