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The Genesis bow boat ladder has been especially designed for boats with bow rails which end close together on the foredeck creating a narrow entry at the point of the bow.

If your boat at the front does not allow rotation through the bow rails of the Ascend ladder versions, then the Genesis ladder with its much narrower profile is a very effective and stylistically attractive ladder suitable for use on all boats with a bow and bow rail design capable of having a Jacob’s Ladder fitted. As with the Ascend ladders, the Genesis is typically suitable for boats up to 8 metres (ca.26’), whether aluminium or fibreglass, and potentially suitable for craft beyond 8m depending on their bow configuration and anchor size and/or anchor retrieval assembly.

This ladder when deployed, rotates on the roller axle folding forward from its stowed position on the boat’s deck to a solid fixed position extending downwards and outwards at a 30° angle from the vertical, providing a totally firm feeling underfoot as well as a more direct access pathway through the bow rails and into the boat.

It is the angled and solid-fixed aspect of the Genesis bow access ladder when deployed, along with its full integration into the bowsprit roller frame that are its unique features.

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Ladder frame constructed of laser-cut mirror finish 4mm 316 grade stainless steel plate.

  • All components 100% Australian designed, made and assembled by Jacob’s Ladder Boating
  • All ladders are supplied with:
    • 2 x M12 x 35mm 316 grade fully threaded bolts with nylocs for deck fixing
    • 2 x M12 x 45mm x 3mm 316 grade flat washers for under-deck support
    • PVC gasket (to separate stainless roller frame from contact with deck where boat is of aluminium construction)
    • Two self-adhesive ‘deck grip pads’ (for optional cover on stainless rungs where considered desirable)
    • Owners Instruction Manual

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 670 x 250 x 160 mm
Ladder Weight & Dimensions

Note: Package dimensions and weight listed above.

Overall Length: 550mm, Tubular Ladder Width: 210mm (Stirrup), Roller Frame Length: 130mm, Roller Frame Width: 60mm, Weight: 5.5kg

Bow Roller Frame

130mm (frame-to-deck surface connection area) x 65mm

Note: A standard-larger frame size is supplied with the Genesis. It also comes with a smaller 40mm wide roller. The roller frame shape extends out beyond the 130x60mm base to help prevent potential damage to the bow surface as the anchor is being retrieved.

Maximum weight permissible for personnel boarding

120 Kilograms

Warranty Policy

3 years warranty subject to proper maintenance and care of the ladder consistent with Jacob’s Ladder Ascend product user guide. The Jacob’s Ladder Ascend product user guide supplied with your ladder provides detailed information on attaching the ladder, maintenance and responsible care instructions, as well as the warranty and returns policy.


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